Maryama, an Iranian-American pop and crossover artist based in Los Angeles, California, just dipped the scene in the stories of fantasy and mythology with her new video for “Where The Mermaids Are”, directed by Benjamin Hunter.

Maryama hums and sings on land and sea, above water and deep within, as she looks for “Where the Mermaids Are”. She also comes across a man who’s floated ashore, and takes him along with her as she continues her journey to find the mermaids.

Listen to Maryama’s new music in “Where the Mermaids Are” now: (via Spotify)

Maryama is the stage name of Maryam Mirbagheri. She grew up in Iran, and learned the guitar with rock stars Ardavan Anzabipour and Homayoun Majdzadeh. Her sound was honed to be one of a kind and destined to become her own from the very beginning, blending soul, jazz, and world music in a refreshingly artful way.

Even though Maryam’s made Los Angeles her new home, she’s never forgotten her Iranian roots. She always finds a creative and impressive way to add the best of culture to her music. Her personal and cultural touches never fail to put themselves out there and reach out to people. Maryama’s also composed and written musical pieces for the renowned Vox Musica Vocal Ensemble.

Watch Maryama’s new video for “Where The Mermaids Are” now:

“Where the Mermaids Are” is Maryama’s latest musical and artistic production. The accompanying video is a fine example of filmmaking in music videos. Maryama opens the song up with humming for a good long time. Next thing you know, you’ve been enveloped in a trance. You can’t take your eyes away from the artful visual display. Maryama then brings her voice out to be heard, and you can’t help but but admire it, get hooked on it, and keep on listening.

The video opens with Maryama already in the sea, albeit in the part close to the surface, as she has a man in tow who she’s trying to bring up to shore. After that preview of a scene that looks like it happens later in the story, Maryama makes her appearance, sporting her new mermaid form, on the shore looking out to the sea. Maryama looks like those Sirens from Greek mythology, with her mermaid persona and alluringly inviting voice.

There are also scenes, well-timed to match the flow of the song, that show Maryama looking like she’s arrived and settled down comfortably underwater, with her face surrounded by the shadowy waters of the deep blue sea. Maryama walks along the shore and the rocks, and dives into and swims all over the sea. In the middle half of the video, after finding a man beached on the shore, she tags him along for an adventure of discovery.

Maryama is the real deal, and listening to her music will definitely make you feel like you’re watching art in action. This particular song, “Where the Mermaids Are”, will also likely get you moving and grooving, but slowly and like you’re kind of mesmerized. The beach-exploring and sea-journeying vibes that this track sends out will give you a newfound sense of ease, like you’re effortlessly and peacefully floating above and inside the welcoming waters. In addition to her career as a soloist, Maryama’s also got her own outfit going on too, who are aptly named Maryama’s Band.

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Maryama developed her craft and learned music alongside some amazing names in the scene. She studied with Joe Gilman, a person who she credits as inspiring and motivating her to stay true to her music. The two worked together at the American River College, where she earned two Associate Degrees in Jazz Voice and Music Composition.

Maryam didn’t stop there. She also attended the California Institute of the Arts, where she met and worked with Ulrich Krieger, Pirayeh Pourafar, and Houman Pourmehdi and attained a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Music Composition and Film Music at the same time. Maryama is also studying, alongside writing and playing music, to get a Master’s Degree from the California Institute of the Arts.

Maryama has not only evolved to a high level working with some of the best names in the business and studying at the top music schools out there. Maryam’s also performed at some prestigious international events, like the Fajr International Music Festival and the Monterey Jazz Festival.

Maryama also has experience as a contestant performer. She was a semi-finalist in the Music Composition category of the Iranian International Youth Competition, and ranked second in the Composition Competition organized by the Music Association of California Community Colleges.

Maryam’s also been awarded the Jazz Downbeat Award by the ARC Advanced Vocal Jazz Ensemble. The Student Pocket magazine in London,¬†Girl Trip, and MUZIC also chose Maryama as their publication’s Artist of the Month.

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