Girl group Melody Day recently released their highlight medley for their first mini album “Color”, the video featuring all of the tracks that are included on their upcoming release. “Color” will bring a total of six new tracks that fans will surely love to listen to.


Melody Day also dropped the image teasers for their upcoming album “Color”. Just like the title of their album, the members are dressed up for a festive summer-themed comeback. Each member’s photo is shot in a very artistic way, with the members going for a floral-pattern dress to best match the summer season. The members’ hair is tied into braided and soft wave formations to accentuate each member’s charm.




Melody Day also shared an acoustic version of “Color” title track “Paint My Love”. The song features a blooming intro, with the voices of the members blending together excellently to give a cozy summer feeling. Melody Day will be holding the showcase for their upcoming album this week on July 1.

Formed as a girl group way back in 2012, Melody Day finally made their debut 2 years later in 2014. The group has released a variety of music since debut, ranging from ballad to upbeat dance.


Listen to both the acoustic and original version of Melody Day’s “Paint Your Love” here:


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