Their very longevity in Kpop/khiphop screams unconventional. And, the trio of MFBTY, Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy have come together with the 1 Million Dance Studio to release a special dance MV for their single “Clap.”

Thrilling to watch, Yoon Mirae is in an immaculate white tank-top underneath a blue jeans dungarees, a through-back to 90’s hiphop, as she cut it up with her smooth moves with the members of 1 Million. Tiger JK and Bizzy would eventually join in the fun, as would Lia Kim in her signature popping moves.

Increasingly, Kpop artists have been turning to 1 Million for MV/dance collaborations. 1 Million has 6.2 million subscribers on YouTube, and 1theK has just about 7.1 million. This makes 1 Million a viable distributor of MVs, especially dance versions.

Other recent collabs with 1 Million are with Jay Park in “Yatch.”

Even though each member of MFBTY have been in the game for over 20 years, they debuted as a group in 2013 with the single, “Sweet Dream.”

“Clap” is part of Feel Ghood Music’s Compilation Album released on June 27. The album features tracks from all Feel Ghood artists, including Junoflo.

Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae are founders of the Feel Ghood Music record label.

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