‘MFBTY’ Wants Us To “Clap” To Their New Album


MFBTY did what no one thought they would. They put an entire album on YouTube! After countless Instagram live streams and hints on social media in general, yesterday (June 27), we got the full album on YouTube – all 8 tracks!


Let’s talk about the album. Feel Ghood Music’s compilation album features tracks by Tiger JK, Yoonmirae, Bizzy, Junoflo, Ann One, and MRSHLL. The album consists of eight songs; two from MFBTY, MRSHLL, Ann One, one from Junoflo and also from TigerJK with Bizzy and Desirée Dawson.

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Here’s the tracklist and credits:

  1. Junoflo – Panorama (Feat. Tiger JK, Yoonmirae, Bizzy)
    Lyrics written by Junoflo, Tiger JK, Yoonmirae, Bizzy | Composed by Tantu Beats, Danny E.B Track
  2. MFBTY – Madhatter (Feat. Arden Cho)
    Lyrics written by Tiger JK, Yoonmirae, Bizzy | Composed by Tiger JK, Yoonmirae, Jason Park
  3. MFBTY – Clap! TITLE
    Lyrics written by Tiger JK, Yoonmirae, Bizzy | Composed by Yoonmirae, Jason Park, Konquest
  4. Ann One – Shot to the Heart
    Lyrics written by Ann One | Composed by Zoey Cho
  5. Ann One – Baptized
    Lyrics written by Ann One | Composed by ENFJ
  6. MRSHLL – Circle
    Lyrics written by MRSHLL, Gustav Karlstrom, Dasloe | Composed by MRSHLL, Dasloe, Gustav Karlstrom, Brian Walker, David Kim
  7. MRSHLL – Home
    Lyrics written by Ann One | Composed by MRSHLL, Traila $ong, Youngwoo Noh, Ann, Minsung | Arranged by MRSHLL, Traila $ong
  8. Tiger JK, Bizzy, Desirée Dawson – I Want You (Remix)
    Lyrics written by Kim Jinpyo, Tiger JK, Desirée Dawson | Composed by Sung-ae Kim

FeelGhood (EP)

The title track “Clap!” is the exciting and happy feeling of being in love and this track can be enjoyed casually. It’s the perfect refreshment this and any summer. Then Junoflo shows off his rap skills in “Panorama”. The group then goes in another direction with “Madhatter” which speaks to events that took place in South Korea last year. Ann’s soulful “Shot to the Heart” and “Baptized”, as well as MRSHLL’s “Home” and “Circle” are about love and genuine happiness, respectively. “I Want You (Remix)” keeps with the songs original intent and is a confession of feelings for someone. The original version has more of a Reggae tone but is just as powerful as it’s remixed counterpart.


MFBTY, which stands for “My Fans [Are] Better Than Yours,” is a Korean hip-hop group under Feel Ghood Music consisting of Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae, and Bizzy. They debuted in 2013 with the single, “Sweet Dream”. The name was meant to be temporary and the trio even released an album later that year as Drunken Tiger, Tiger JK‘s legendary hip hop group. However, they later returned to the name and released their first full-length album under that name in 2015.

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