Michael Van & The Movers, one of the up and coming names in the scene, have made their return – with their latest album “A Little More Country” first premiering on December 2016. The Movers are well-known for their unique yet distinct Southern sound, while hailing from the West Coast – Point Richmond, California – in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Movers’ sound has been described as Alt-Country, Americana, and Country, and their music has been compared to esteemed names like Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Buddy Miller, Steve Earl, and Jason Isbell. The Movers closed last year with accolades when they played at the 2016 Point Richmond Concert Series and the 2016 Picnic in The Point.

In The Movers’ music video for “A Little More Country”, also the album’s opening track, the band plays happily and serenely, looking on ahead as they rock their instruments and sing their hearts out – and fade into the background as several scenes from the countryside appear. The band members come back on screen, and more country scenes come into focus, all the way to the end of the number.

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The second track, “Skeddadle Mountain Lullaby”, keeps the country going but moves toward the direction of a bluegrass beat. Next up is “Gettin Drunk On A Monday”, which has The Movers going deeper on the country sound and the vocals. With “Love Me Till Thursday”, the Movers do a duet – and keep the pace and fun going with “Juanita”, a track that about love from across Mexico and California, full of that relaxing Southwestern vibe. “Gimme Back My Guitar” takes the band closer than ever to its musical roots, and “Pretty Penny” keeps the beats going. The Movers then transition to “Center Of The Universe”, that leaves a lot of space, for both listeners at home and fans at concerts that the Movers are playing, to sing along. The Movers continue singing and playing, playing up the beat and good vibes in “Don’t Mind It If I Do”, “River Road”, “That Train”, and “Sounds Like Rain”.

The Mover’s album closes with “Look at Miss Ohio”, a song that has lots of folk complemented by perfect touches of percussion on key points. The track wraps up the smooth country flow that the 13-song record built up all the way to the very end – to complete an enjoyable, relaxing country listening session and to set the stage for even better relistens in the future. Michael Van, hailing from Georgia, truly created The Movers’ sophomore album in a way that brought out that authentic Southern sound shining through the band’s Californian roots.

Full Track Listing:
Track 1: A Little More Country
Track 2: Skeddadle Mountain Lullaby
Track 3: Gettin Drunk On A Monday
Track 4: Love Me Till Thursday
Track 5: Juanita
Track 6: Gimme Back My Guitar
Track 7: Pretty Penny
Track 8: Center Of The Universe
Track 9: Don’t Mind It If I Do
Track 10: River Road
Track 11: That Train
Track 12: Sounds Like Rain
Track 13: Look At Miss Ohio


Michael shared:

What I really mean with “A little more country” is getting back to the richness of the simple things in life, the roots of our music and the simple truths that try to come out with every song.

Michael Van leads the band on the Acoustic Guitar and Vocals; while Pete Ahonen rocks the Electric Guitar, Banjo, and Vocals; Alan Bond handles the Mandolin, Fiddle and Vocals; Larry Lawson plays the bass; Bob Skye plays the Drums and Harmonica; Special Guest Mark Berhard Stevenson joins in with the Steel guitar; and Noah Duvernell and Paul Ohnemus are on with the Drums.

The Movers’ stunning new album was arranged, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band members themselves at the Flying Blue Monkey Studio.

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About Michael Van and The Movers:

An intoxicating, whiskey laden, original, alternative country music band. Michael Van comes from Georgia and dishes up the twang with a bit of deep introspection, exploring the lines between love and fear, self and no self, and the plain truth of reality.

Alan Bond (of Dark Hollow) brings his famous mandolin leads and strong vocal harmony to the mix, as well as some bluegrass influenced songwriting and lead vocals.

Pete Ahonen brings his whisky voice, twanging tele and some great story based song writing. “Sounds like rain” was inspired by real stories from Pete’s Grandpa and “Love Me Till Thursday” was inspired by the true story of a late paycheck – still, his wife married him even though it still didn’t show up on Thursday.

The legendary Larry Lawson – from The Cigar band in the 70’s to Blue Lizard – holds down the bass.

Bob Skye, former recording engineer and the smartest guy in the band, contrary to the stereotypes, plays the drums and percussion to keep it moving. Together they form the Movers.

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