Sometimes no matter where you go, or how you got there to begin with, you gotta rep where you come from, so to speak. Microdot of Korean descent and his buddy Donell Lewis of Samoan descent, both New Zealanders make that clear in their first collaboration “Pinnerdown.”

“Pinnerdown” is in English, and is part of Microdot’s first solo album “Prophet.” It’s not quite clear what Pinnerdown means. But, along with it in the chorus comes “tap out,” which may indicate it’s part of a game. There is after all an old Scottish game called “Pinner.”

“Prophet” however is not Microdot’s first album. Back in his early teens he was the counterpart to Illionaire records co-founder Dok2 in a duo called ‘All Black.’ They released an album together in 2006.

As if to make up for lost time, “Prophet” comes with a prodigious 29 tracks. Featured in it, are all the guys who would have been Microdot’s contemporaries in the music game, today. Such as, Verbal Jint, Paloalto, Beenzino, and many more. He also got younger dudes like Vixx‘s Ravi to feature.

Question I’d like to know, out of curiousty, is what was he doing the past 10 years. School?

Microdot also released the MV for “Prophet’s” second single “Time To Shine”, featuring BrandNew Music‘s ‘Chancellor’. And, probably inspired by Donell Lewis, who is originally a singer, Microdot decided to sing in it, with Korean and English lyrics. Anyways, Chancellor killed it.

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