Minzy is finally back with her solo debut! Today on April 17, Minzy revealed her first ever solo music video for “NiNaNo”, featuring rapper Flowsik from Show Me the Money 5. The song is the lead single of Minzy’s debut EP “Minzy Work 01. ‘Uno'”, that was also released today.

Minzy’s new music video “NiNaNo” opens with the rapper and soloist walking right in with her crew, ready to show what they’ve got and take the moves up a notch. Minzy dances on her own, fully decked out in her powerful gear. Next up is Minzy rocking it with her male crew, then her female crew, and finally everyone comes together for an awesome showdown.

Flowsik makes his appearance way after the party’s gotten started. Still, he holds his own as he joins Minzy and the crew, switching the spotlight on the duo as their flows merge and their backdancers keep the show going on. He goes out in time, for an epic ending with all eyes on none other than Minzy.

Watch Minzy’s “Ni Na No” solo music video now:

The lyrics of “NiNaNo” present an interesting new side to Minzy’s personality and style. Minzy not only sings about how she’s more than ready for all eyes and ears to focus on her: she also shows it in her “just me” solo dance shots in the MV. There’s a lot more than the super catchy line “Ninano ninano ninano, Ninano ninano ninano” that will stay in your head for a while:

Oh my, I’ve never heard this melody before
Turn up the lights
Eyes are on me
My drum is loud
A new fantasy
Whoever, whatever
I can handle it

Show me show me what you got
No pretense tonight
Come on, come on, it’s you
Match your steps with the rhythm
Once you feel it, it’s never ending
My sensual feeling
Why are you so taken aback
This is me

There’s lots of great stuff in Minzy’s debut album, “Minzy Work 01. ‘Uno'”. The lead single “NiNaNo”, featuring rapper and SMTM5 contestant Flowsik, has an English rap version, and another track, “Flashlight”, features none other than Jay Park himself. The EP has three all-Minzy songs: “Superwoman”, “ING”, and “Beautiful Lie”.

Fans have been waiting for Minzy’s debut as a soloist for close to a year now, ever since the youngest member left the now disbanded girl group legends 2NE1. Minzy’s new label, The Music Works, confirmed that Minzy was going to go solo last year. Now that it’s finally come true, we can’t wait to see what Minzy will be up to next.

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