Minzy got swag in her debut title track ‘NINANO‘!

On April 17, Music Works released Minzy’s official music video for her title track ‘NINANO.’ The song is a dance track and has a groovy beat which is something we definitely expected from the former 2NE1 member.

Check out the music video for ‘NINANO’ here:

At first listen of the song, I thought it’s meh but after a few times of repeat, I started to like the song. The song has a nice intro and when Minzy sang the first few lines that got me “yaaass” girl! Those beats in the beginning are especially nice!

However, after the first verse, the hype kinda went down for me especially during those low notes when she could’ve used high notes to build up the song to the chorus. I know Minzy has a high tone and it definitely would not be difficult for her if she used her belting register a lot especially during the bridge.

The song kinda lacks the power and energy for a dance track and an amazing dancer like Minzy. Also, some powerful adlibs executed in the song could’ve made the song a lot better. I actually expected many high notes from her in the song but I was kinda frustrated that there isn’t any.

Flowsik’s rap part for me isn’t that special to talk about. The music video is quite nice but I expected more from her agency since it’s her solo debut. Overall, the song didn’t live up to my expectations but it’s enough for me to say ‘yas Minzy’s back!’

How are you liking Minzy’s NINANO?

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