The broadcast channel has announced the debut of a new music variety show called “Sing Street” for the viewers who love ‘music festival‘ style of program!

MNET, a music television that caters to the youth is a channel owned by CJ & M, a division CJ Group in South Korea, has just aired its first episode of new music variety program “Sing Street” on October 26 at 11 PM KST. The show is hosted by Park Myung Soo, an EDM lover, DJ and comedian, Lee Sang Min, the rapper of 90’s group Roo’ra and a producer and Bong Te Kyu, an actor who has a passion in band music.

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The show wants to give the audience time for enjoyment through ‘music festival’ themed kind of variety show. The format is followed by the hosts finding for a singer or a band to collaborate with to create their own neighborhood music festival. With this type of show, there are more reasons to watch its next episodes!



MNET is well-known for its survival competition programs such as Produce 101, a competition of 98 girls from several different entertainment companies which gave birth to the girl group I.O.I. On the other hand, the boy counterpart of the survival competition is Boys24 which gave opportunity to 49 hopeful free- agents to be part of a boy group managed by the music television channel itself.

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