Mnet Media, official event organizer for KCON together with industry giant CJ E&M, are extending the concert and festival experience of their latest successful event, KCON 2016 France, to everyone who couldn’t go or everyone who wants to see the whole concert again. This week, Mnet began uploading all of the performances from its first ever European event to its official YouTube channel Mnet K-pop. Mnet first aired the entire KCON Paris event on June 14, 8:00 PM Korea local time, on its TV channel MNET TV.


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KCON 2016 France took place, around 2 weeks ago, on June 2 at the Accors Hotel in Paris, France. The eventĀ  featured a total of 12,000 seats, which were all filled and sold out within 4 hours, and 6 artists, with 4 boy groups – FTISLAND, SHINee, BTS, and Block B – and 2 girl groups – f(x) from SM Entertainment and I.O.I. Leeteuk of Super Junior was the MC of the event, and actor Jin Goo and actress Han Ji Min made a special appearance.

All of the groups and artists who attended the show first performed a number for “Arirang Medley”. Block B then took the stage as the first group, with their songs and choreography for “Her” and “Toy”. f(x) then performed their latest song, “4 Walls”, and Luna then took over the stage all alone for “Free Somebody”.




I.O.I next performed the Produce 101 original song “Pick Me”. FTISLAND came next, playing 3 numbers “Shape of My Heart”, “Falling Star”, and “Pray”. SHINee then took the stage for “Sherlock” and “View”, and Taemin, like Luna, rocked the stage all by himself with his song “Reality”.

Taeil from Block B and Luna from f(x) then performed a special duet for “It Was Love”, and BTS closed the show with a stunning 4 successive performances, with “What Am I to You (Intro)”, “Dope”, “Fire”, and “I Need U”.

KCON 2016 France is the latest stop for Mnet and CJ E&M’s KCON events this year. Next up is KCON 2016 New York, which will take place next week from June 24 to 25 at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, and after that will be the KCON 2016 Los Angeles event this summer, next month from July 29 to 31 at the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center.


Watch select performances from the KCON Paris event here:

(All performances from the event can be viewed on Mnet’s official playlist for KCON 2016 here, or Mnet’s official YouTube channel Mnet K-pop, here.)

Block B Taeil, f(x) Luna – “It Was Love”

BTS- “Fire”

I.O.I. – “Pick Me”


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