There are some kpop groups that go through their entire career without a win, like 9Muses and Stellar. And, there are those even despite their widespread popularity, only get a win well into of their career or have never won at all like Btob and Monsta X. But, then every now and then, we get fairy-tale like cinderella stories, such as Momoland who got their first win for their latest comeback “Bboom Bboom” right outside of their rookie year.

Momoland’s first win happened on the January 11th broadcast of MCountdown, which is a major achievement as well. For a group like Momoland who belong to a small agency, usually their first win happen on the lesser broadcasts. For example, BTS got their first win, which came 2 years after their debut, on SBS’s The Show, which isn’t as popular as Mnet’s MCountdown.

To underscore the importance of how the size of the agency a group belongs to can have a significant impact on when they achieve their first win, it took just seven months from their debut for Red Velvet to get their first win. Red Velvet are a part of SM Entertainment, the biggest kpop agency.

For the big three kpop agencies (SM, YG & JYP), as a result of the combination of legacy, genius, money, influence and likely nepotism, their TV stage promotions are almost guaranteed to achieve wins, whether by a rookie group or veteran.

Momoland’s encore performance on the MCountdown broadcast after their win, allowed the girls to showcase their individual character and personality. Member Na Yun who led the Bboom Bboom Dance Sprit version, showed a lot of charisma.

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