They may be dresses in school outfits with tennis skirts and long socks, but the girls of Momoland are well beyond your cutsey girl group. In their new single Bboom Bboom, they show a variety of characteristics, from fun to charismatic, with an energy filled dance choreo to amp it up. They are a girl group of many colors.

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With the looks to just simple walk on to a set and look pretty, the members of Momoland are surprisingly multi-faceted.

The MV, like the name suggests, is filled with action and energy. And, they are not shy about showing it.

It’s hard not to notice that the opening chords of Bboom Bboom sounds somewhat similar to the opening chords in BTS’s DNA. I suppose the producer was hoping to stand on the shoulders of the kpop giants. Hopegully, the giant doesnt mind a little dust on their shoulders.

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One of the key dance steps in the MV, also seems to have been inspired by Crayon Pop and their single Dancing Queen. Crayon Pop were the original girl group to show a wide-range of versatility.

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