Boy group Monsta X are joining KCON 2016 LA this summer. Monsta X, fellow labelmates of Sistar and Boyfriend and Starship’s second boy group, will be the final artist to join KCON in Los Angeles this year, completing the lineup for LA at last. KCON 2016 LA will take place from July 29 to 31 at the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center.


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KCON is the world’s largest Korean music and culture convention. KCON 2016 NY is in two weeks, and CJ E&M, the Korean entertainment and media giant, successfully held the first KCON stop in Europe in Paris, France, on June 2, around one week ago.

KCON 2016 LA is special in that it will feature – in addition to the booths dedicated to K-pop choreography practice, Korean drama viewings, Korean food samplings, and the presentation of Korean beauty and cosmetic products – an electronic sports (e-Sports) tournament, in addition to the main KCON event.

The full lineup for KCON 2016 LA includes the following acts:

  1. Block B
  2. Gfriend
  3. Twice
  5. Girls’ Generation-TTS
  6. BTS
  7. ASTRO
  8. DEAN
  9. SHINee
  10. I.O.I
  11. Monsta X


From Getty Images.
From Getty Images.


Monsta X recently released their 3rd mini album, titled “The Clan, Part 1: Lost”, last May 18, and are holding a solo concert, titled “MONSTA X The First Live X-CLAN ORIGINS”, in Yongsan District, Seoul, from July 16 to 17, less than two weeks before KCON 2016 LA.

Combo and platinum tickets for KCON 2016 LA will also go on sale today June 10, while regular tickets will begin selling next Monday on June 13.


Watch Monsta X’s KCON highlight video here:


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