MONSTA X graced the cover of 10+ Star latest issue!

On November 25, photos during the pictorial of the group with ’10+ star’ were released. The boys of MONSTA X are looking good as always showing off a cool vide for the photo shoot.
monsta x

monsta x

monsta x

The group also had an interview after the pictorial where each of the members shared their thoughts as well as complimented each other. Kihyun mentioned how the members help him to be more energetic.

Minhyuk also said that the group aspires to be an inspiration or role models of other groups who will say “we want to be like MONSTA X.” Well, with these young talented cool boys, who wouldn’t want to be like them?

MONSTA X made their comeback on October 4 with their fourth mini album and second part of The Clan Series The Clan 2.5 Pt. 2 ‘GUILTY’ with “Fighter” as their first single.
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