Monsta X just made another summer comeback! On July 27, Monsta X dropped their music video for “Newton”, their second for just this season alone. Monsta X go on a summer adventure together in their new video that takes them across both land and sea.

Check out Monsta X’s new “Newton” music video now:

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Monsta X go on a fun-filled and action-packed roll in the music video for “Newton”, the group’s latest single. Monsta X start off the day on a high note, looking out from on high at all the wide open nature surrounding them. Next thing you know is they’re in a van, where they play games with each other and take pictures of all the precious moments of a road trip that will definitely turn into a cherished memory for a long time.

Monsta X then park their ride and set up shop camping by the woods, where the party doesn’t stop, as they playfully dance around and start building stuff. The group also go on the water, on top of jet skis, beaming smiles during an exciting and refreshing time in the adventure. Monsta X return to the camp by nightfall, where they check out the starry night sky through a telescope, while consulting some books to help them take it all in.

Monsta X lay it all down and tell you all about the meaning behind the title of their new single, “Newton”, in the lyrics. Gravity, stars, and a whole lot more:

As if I’m being pulled, I’m changing
Feels familiar but different as well
You’re the strength that wakes me up from being down

…I found out what is pulling me
It’s your charm, you’re the reason
You’re more like a star than an actual star
It’s because of your twinkling eyes

…You’re like gravity
Everyone gets pulled into you
Your sweet charms makes it impossible to resist

Monsta X’s latest comeback this week with “Newton” is their third overall comeback for this year alone, after starting off the year with “Beautiful” last March; and their second comeback this summer, after releasing “Shine Forever” only just last month in June.

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