Monsta X are back! Today October 4, Starship’s rookie boy group released their music video for “Fighter”. The song is the title track of their fourth mini album “The Clan 2.5 Part.2 ‘Guilty'”.




Monsta X’s new EP “Guilty” features six new songs, including its title track “Fighter”. “Fighter” is a song that seamlessly blends Monsta X’s calming vocals and their hard-hitting rapping.

In the music video for “Fighter”, the story, previewed in the teaser video released last week, can now be watched in all its dramatic glory – the seven members of Monsta X, held captive in a jail cell and restrained by straitjackets – plot their next move.




Monsta X’s latest EP The Clan 2.5 Part.2 ‘Guilty'” is also the second installment of their “The Clan” series.
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The first installmentMonsta X’s third mini album “The Clan Part.1 ‘Lost'” – was released last May, with “All In” serving as the title track. Album track “Stuck” also got its own music video last August, as a gift for fans.


Watch Monsta X’s new video for “Fighter” here:

Check out the preview video of Monsta X’s new EP here:


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