Monsta X’s ‘Jooheon’ Shows “Rhythm” in New MV


Jooheon is a member of Starship Ent.’s Monsta X as a rapper and songwriter. After winning the survival show that formed the group, Monsta X debuted in 2015 and Jooheon hasn’t slowed down since. He is here to prove that an idol rapper is still a rapper with this new MV.

A strong song with an even stronger video, “Rhythm” is a gritty proclamation of just how good Jooheon is. It looks like the video is shot in the States. Classic graffiti on walls, busy streets and abandoned ally ways litter the scenes with Jooheon owning the video. There’s a cameo with I.M, a Monsta X member and rapper, that feels like a genuine interaction between the two.

Check out the MV here:

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