After ‘Stormzy‘ released #GSAP it seems more UK rappers and grime MC’s are going to be “T-Paining” on their tracks, as Jay-Z so eloquently put it in “Death of Auto-tune.” Well, not so much, it’s really their voices – Anyways, the multi-talented Doc Brown is doing just that in his long-coming comeback track called “Corruptible.”

The visuals, which were released with the single are certainly compelling, using a monochromatic theme to create an ambiance that blends well with the energy of the song.

In the track Doc talks about basically, having fun and the consequences of indulging a bit too much in a fun night out. And, then comes the singing.

“All these things and whatever we do tonight… Raise your hands if, you’re corruptible.”

Doc got his start in the game way back in 2000, as a battle rapper, and has since released 5 albums.

Real name Ben Bailey Smith, Doc has also made a name for himself as a stand-up comedian, as well as a TV and film actor. He’s appeared in major productions like Law and Order: UK, and has major co-signs from the likes of Rick Gervias, who he plays along side in the movie “Life On The Road.”

Doc Brown’s talents certainly run in the family, with a famous sister Zadie Smith who is a novelist, and a younger brother who is also a rapper and lyricist.

All in all, not bad for a kid from North-West London.

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