Brand New Music’s hip hop duo Infinite Flow has returned with the appropriately named track “Been A Long Time” featuring DJ Soulscape and Junggigo.

Been A Long Time

Don’t call it a comeback, though. They’ve been here for years…kind of.

Back in 2002, Infinite Flow, also known as I.F, stepped unto the hip hop scene with the single “Respect 4 Brotha,” a jazz lounge inspired song reminiscent of old school American hip hop.

Infinte Flow cover
Following several releases, the duo disbanded in April of 2007. Rapper Bizniz started his own label, and in 2008 released a solo album titled “This Is Bizniz.” He also released two other EPs, before reuniting with his partner Nuckeub Shaah (Nuck) this year. During their disbandment, Nuck released solo music and featured on songs with Defconn and The Quiett.

With “Been A Long Time,” Infinite Flow showcases their signature style– a laid back, jazzy beat, including a sample of James Brown’s “All The Way.” Repeated in the hook are two very simple lines: “it’s been a long time,” and “it’s gonna be a good night.” These two sentiments sum up exactly what the song means to a lot of people: it’s been a long time since they heard something from this duo, and they’re gonna have a good night listening to them.

As a new fan, I hope it isn’t another 8 years until another release from Infinite Flow. There’s not a music video out, as of the writing of this article, but Brand New Music has released an episode of “BNM TV” starring the duo. You can watch it below, but sadly, there aren’t any subtitles.

Respect 4 Brotha

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