It’s such a joy to see seasoned veteran RnB crooners like the talented Music SoulChild refuse to hang up his spurs, and continue to release hit after hit, now going on close to 20 years. And, once again the 39 years-old artist has blessed his many and global fans with 2 amazing singles “Start Over” and “Simple Things.”

The artist, born Taalib Johnson, is reported to have said about “Start Over

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“Everyone has their own ‘the one that got away’ story, maybe they or you found someone else, maybe too much time has passed, maybe for whatever reasons things just didn’t work out. Now imagine for a moment you had the chance to try again… how would you ‘Start Over?'”

Start Over” is musically dense with an intricate structure, interwoven with all kinds of harmonies and progressions. The track is a warm delight. The video is almost as rich as the song, as it shows Musiq working hard to rekindle the flames of “the one that got away.”

Simple Things on the other hand, is on that jazzy tip. It tells the the story of a man ready to throw his hands up and move on, and away from the drama… from a drama queen. And, Musiq had this to say about the track:

“‘Simple Things” is about waking up, breathing fresh air, drinking clean water, eating good food, having a comfortable place to sleep, spending time with people who make you happy, and instead of stressing over things you don’t have, just remembering to be grateful for what you do,”

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Musiq SoulChild released his debut album in 2000, with the ultra-popular single “Love,” which peaked at #24 on the Hot 100.

“Simple Things” and “Starting Over” are from his 9th studio album “Feel The Real,” coming out in September.

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