A cool and youthful boy group just made their debut! On July 26, MYTEEN finally dropped their first ever music video for “Amazing”, the title track of their debut mini album “MYTEEN Go!”. In their new video, MYTEEN head out to the basketball court and sports room to hang out, have fun, and also present their debut choreography.

Watch MYTEEN’s new music video for “Amazing” now:

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

MYTEEN open up their debut music video for “Amazing” boarding a bus that takes them to a nearby basketball court. They joke around on the bus before they get there, and look around the court and a sports room next to it. The room and the court also become the two dance sets, where MYTEEN throw down their youthful and lighthearted dance moves. MYTEEN’s smooth new moves were choreographed by N from VIXX.

MYTEEN tell you all about how amazing the apple of their eye is in the lyrics:

(Yeah!) There is someone these days
That my eyes and heart keep going to
(Yeah!) I have more worries
I’m in trouble
(Yeah!) I’m bewitched, I’m a holic
Who are you?
It’s too hard to express you

…You’re amazingly pretty
You’re amazingly pretty
I think I’ve fallen for you
Your actions, your face, everything
You’re so right

…My heart is pounding, heartbeat racing
Only you live in my head
There’s really no answer, you’re my culture
Once you fall, it’s over
Maybe Make it love

Check out the songs on MYTEEN’s debut EP “MYTEEN Go!”:

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