The purity of Naul‘s amazing vocals makes his new single “Gloria” soar to the heavens, in what can only be labeled a celebration of R&B in it’s truest format.

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Featuring smooth harmonies and soulful vocal movements indicative of the R&B gifted us by the likes of Boys To Men and Luther Vandross, Naul‘s Gloria speaks to his astuteness as a disciplined student and acolyte of the some of the greatest.

The dancing ballerina featured in the music video, augments the song with an ethereal touch visualizing the song for us with a lightness that slows down time, and also complements Naul’s souring vocals.

Juxtapositioned in the music video, is the softness of the ballerina with the hard texture of a cityscape.

A member of the kpop group Brown Eyed Soul, Naul has released this single as part of his solo project “Sound Doctrine.” In it, he remains ever true to his art and the inspiration that has set him apart from his peers since the day he picked up the mic.

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