Former NBA basketball player Stephon Marbury will be stepping out of his comfort zone to try acting this year. Jessica Jung, singer and former member of girl group Girls’ Generation, will be Stephon’s fellow co-star in his upcoming movie titled “New Yorker In Beijing”. The movie tells the story of Stephon’s journey as a former NBA player and how he later became a basketball legend in China.


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Known as a lone wolf during his career in the NBA, Stephon and Jessica both have things in common. Stephon continues to fulfill his passion for basketball by playing professionally for the Beijing Ducks in China, which is his current team. Jessica, after parting ways with the members of Girls’ Generation, became a fashion designer and a business owner, and is now also a solo artist.




The two made a special appearance in the 2016 Beijing International Film Festival. Filming for the movie reportedly began last month on April 26. Stephon was asked how he felt about having a movie about his life, and replied, “I thought about doing a movie before, but never thought about it would be my own movie.” Stephon and Jessica also later shared their selfies together on social media platform Weibo.


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