NCT 127 came back with a swag in their ‘Cherry Bomb‘ music video!

On June 14, NCT 127 released the official music video for their newest comeback ‘Cherry Bomb.’ As expected from the group, the song gives off a totally different vibe and sounds very unique!

Check it out here:

At first listen, I was like “wut”? However, as I repeat the song more and more, I got addicted to it! The beat and rhythm of the song is so good. There’s more of the members’ rapping than singing which I understand because of the genre of the song. However, I think it would be much better if there were more parts where the members sing and not just rap.

Moreover, I feel like it’s almost Mark ft. the other members. I know Mark is a very good rapper but I wish SM could’ve given more lines to the other memebers like Haechan.

Resulta ng larawan para sa NCT 127 CHERRY BOMB mv

The MV looks nice and the boys are looking cool! Overall, the song isn’t really my type of song but I won’t deny the fact that it’s a great song!

What do you think of NCT 127’s new song ‘Cherry bomb’?

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