NCT’s third unit just dropped their music video earlier than expected. On August 24, 9:00 PM Korea local time, NCT Dream released both the Korean and Chinese versions of their music video for “Chewing Gum”, ahead of their debut album scheduled later this week on August 27.

Over the past two days, NCT Dream released two music video teasers for “Chewing Gum”, as well as image teasers for each member and the whole group.




NCT Dream takes a break from the previous two NCT units’ more mature concepts, for a more youthful and boyish music video in “Chewing Gum”. The five members of NCT Dream dance energetically in a very bright and colorful set.

NCT Dream will begin promoting tomorrow, for their debut stage on Mnet’s music show “M! Countdown”, on August 25.




SM Entertainment announced the NCT brand, the label’s first boy group with a revolving lineup, back in January. The first NCT unit, NCT U, debuted back in early April with music videos for their two debut tracks “The 7th Sense” and “Without You”.

The second NCT unit, NCT 127, debuted last month in early July with “Fire Truck”. NCT 127 also released the last SM Station song of July, “Taste the Feeling”.


Watch NCT Dream’s debut videos for “Chewing Gum” here:

Korean version

Chinese version


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