SM Station continues season 2 with a multi-dimensional track from prolific producer Yoo Young-Jin, and NCT member Taeyong.

The song’s multi-levelness, from the chorus, to the rap verse, the harmonies, and then the standard verses, appear like the product of more than one person. Were all those vocal elements the work of Taeyong, alone, manipulated by Yoo Young-Jin? If so, this is a very talented boy.

The caption from SM Town reads, (with my notes in parenthesis):

“Cure”… is an emotional (soft) rock genre song, written by YOO, YOUNG JIN and TAEYONG. The song’s lyrics talk about lending a hand and supporting each other during difficult times, and thus ‘Cure'(s) the broken hearts.

Yoo Young-jin is a long-time singer-songwriter and producer for S.M. Entertainment. He has produced and written some of the greatest SM songs from the very beginning, such as TVXQ‘s “Keep Your Head Down,” and Girls GenerationI Got A Boy.” He has been working with the agency since 1996, writing for groups from H.O.T to Red Velvet.

Taeyong is a member of SM Entertainment’s newest group, NCT. The 22 years old is also a member of the group sub-units NCT U and NCT 127. He is primarily a rapper in the group.

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