SM’s new boy group sub-unit NCT U released special versions of both of their debut music videos. The unit first released a performance version of “The 7th Sense” and next the Chinese version of “Without You”. The original music videos for “The 7th Sense” and “Without You” were released during the past weekend.




NCT U is the first sub-unit of SM’s new boy group brand NCT, which stands for “Neo Cultural Technology”. The group was first announced in a press conference held by SM Entertainment last January by the founder himself, Lee Sooman. In the first week of April leading up to the weekend, the group’s debut was announced and teaser images and videos of the members were uploaded on YouTube.




NCT U will begin their promotions in Korea on next Friday’s episode of Music Bank on Korean channel KBS2, on April 15. The group have already performed both of their songs in China during the 16th Top Chinese Music Awards, last April 9. NCT U plans to expand to Japan, Beijing, and Shanghai in the near future.


Watch the Chinese version of “Without You” and performance video of “The 7th Sense” below:


“Without You”


“The 7th Sense”


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