Today is a good day for the versatile sneaker. New Balance is dropping their new line of shoes: the “Breathe Pack“. Known as the 247 Sport on their site, these shoes are bound to be a go-to┬áchoice for the upcoming months.

Compared to the New Balance releases of previous years, this shoe carries a far more “modern” silhouette to it. While still appealing in design, the past NB sneakers have been known to hold a “dad shoe” aesthetic. This recent release, as well as the other shoes in the 247 lines, all adopted a more “technical” vibe akin to that of Nike’s releases. If you haven’t been satisfied with the classic NB look, these might be the perfect shoe to get you interested.

247 Sport in Black – The Technical Side of NB

574 Core – NB’s more “classic” look

The new release feature six colorways for you to choose from. Among them are the classic all-black and all-white as well as our personal favorite, sherbert. For the imminent drier months, we strongly recommend this peachy-pink color or the all-white to finish your outfits in a clean fashion. Keep in mind, on New Balances’ website, only the men’s 247 Sports have all the available colorways. For some reason, the women’s are only in gray and black. This is easily fixed by using the available conversion chart and ordering the sneaker in the desired size. Happy hunting!

247 Sport in Sherbert

247” is perfectly apt given how great these feel on your feet. The upper boasts a synthetic mesh weave that practically molds to your feet and keeps the shoe light as a feather. Additionally, New Balance’s RevLite sole is engineered specifically for making each step of every day as comfortable as the last. Be prepared to want to wear these all day, every day.

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