Newly debuted rookie girl group Matilda have just released a new music video, for their song “Summer Again”, this week on July 7. Last week, Matilda released the teaser video for their upcoming first ever comeback. With their new music video and comeback, Matilda have officially joined this year’s K-pop summer comeback season.


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Matilda’s new song “Summer Again” is about waiting for a loved one to return even despite breaking up. The music video is more cheerful, with the members of the girl group, instead of waiting, pass the time by swimming in the beach and in the pool, shooting water guns, enjoying the sunshine, watching the fireworks, and many other fun summer activities.




Matilda debuted earlier this year in March 2016, with the song “Macarena” and a funky retro concept.


Watch Matilda’s new video for “Summer Again” here:


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