Jellyfish Entertainment, home of boy group VIXX, are promoting their upcoming girl group, named gx9 for the time being, in earnest. The agency announced their plans earlier this month, as I.O.I. members Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina were withdrawn from I.O.I.’s activities this month. Sejeong and Mina will redebut as members of Jellyfish’s new 9-member girl group, together with 7 other members, sometime this June.




Sejeong’s promo photos were released in the second batch, together with fellow members Soyee and Haebin. Mina’s teaser photo will be released shortly, together with the remaining two members, who will also be revealed soon. (Update: Teaser images of Mina and the other 2 members, Sally and Hyeyeon, have been released.)

Kim Nayoung, another “Produce 101” contestant and Jellyfish trainee who made it to the top 22 girls before being eliminated, will be rejoining Sejeong and Mina in their new group’s upcoming activities. Nayoung’s promo photo was released first, together with two other members Mimi and Hana.







gx9-mimi gx9-hana

gx9-mina gx9-sally gx9-hyeyeon


Sejeong and Mina’s last official performance with IOI was at the 2016 Dream Concert, and the two also performed at KCON 2016 France for I.O.I’s first overseas event. YMC Entertainment, the record label of I.O.I., released a statement that the two are only on hiatus from I.O.I. and will continue to be members of the group.

Sejeong and Mina may potentially join I.O.I. promotions later this year, together with Jung Chaeyeon who was also withdrawn from I.O.I. to join DIA for their second comeback, after their upcoming debut in gx9 this June and the I.O.I. sub-unit’s promotions for their new album in July. Member Yeunjung was also withdrawn by Starship for further vocal training. It is not known as of now whether I.O.I. will perform in their upcoming second overseas event, KCON 2016 Los Angeles, as the full 11-member group or as the 7-member sub-unit.

Sejeong and Mina are two of the 11 finalists of the Mnet produced idol reality show “Produce 101”. They later debuted as members of I.O.I. on May 4, with the song “Dream Girls” off their first mini album “Chrysalis”. The two will redebut as members of the Jellyfish girl group gx9 some time this month. gx9 is Jellyfish’s first girl group and second group overall, after the agency debuted boy group VIXX 4 years ago in 2012.


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