Interdimensional Tessaract,” that’s the name of Willow Smith‘s new 3 track EP, released today. It’s definitely very new age, and exploratory, as well as a little in the style of Sza. On the one hand, it’s good she’s being exploratory and “interdimensional,” as her age and her parents as a safety net affords her. In that sense she’s an awesome teenager. On the other hand, not many artists have the luxury of dropping “exploratory” EP’s whenever they please.

Willow Smith isn’t likely to go hungry anytime soon, and that’s not her fault. It would be her fault if she sat at home, waiting for the trust fund to kick in. Instead, she’s doing her privileged hustle, and that’s a good thing.

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Dussel Has Friends,” who can’t necessarily be called privileged dropped another single last week, called “Run for the Hills.” Spitting over live instruments, DHF mix rock and rap very much in the style of a millennial Beastie Boys.

The last time the Long Island based group dropped a single was back in July of ’14. These gen-xers/millennials also randomly drop singles, only because they are on their suburban hustle, running businesses and holding full-time jobs.

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