It’s Monday! Hope you’all had a great and special weekend. This week we have in today’s NMM from GMM: Outasight, L’Orange and Jeremiah Jae release a collaborative album, Aussie Courtney Barnett, MG Gost drops his full LP, as well as Chance the Rapper and Kelhani in a collaborative track.
“Outasight” Get’s Wild in “The Wild Life” Single,and Budlight Joins In
Are you ready for summer!?
Because, with his new single “The Wild Life”, the artist “Outasight” is!!
And, so is Budlight!!! Who have adopted the song as the centerpiece of their summer campaign for Bud Light Lime. Oh, 21+ to drink, and don’t drink and drive. 🙂

This jamming ode to the king of funk, James Brown, has all the elements to make you bogey on down to the beach and back. Here’s a challenge: sit still without moving while playing this funky, jammin’, happenin’, slip and slide “summer anthem.”

 Outasight will be self-releasing his new album “Chasing A Ghost” later this year. A testament to the tremendous personal and creative growth he experienced over the past few years. By releasing “Chasing A Ghost” sans label support Outasight has created a situation where he is able to “create the album I wanted to make, and can proudly say I love every song on it.” Stay tuned throughout the spring and summer as Outasight continues to unveil more audible treats from “Chasing The Ghost”.

More on OutasightWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
“L’Orange” & “Jeremiah Jae” Get Prolific and Artistic in New Album “The Night Took Us In Like Family”
This is a prolific work of art, multifaceted, weaves together an intricate tapestry of authentic hip-hop, lyricism, and prohibition era cinema.

Brought to you by the producer L’Orange, whose savory beats delicately intertwine Jeremiah’s spitting, as the two cook up a hip-hop dish that must be relished with a head bop. An example is “Taken by the night,” which is essentially created with just a piano melody and a drum beat. And, one tracks to definitely listen to is “Ice Obsidian.”

The Night Took Us In Like Family” was released on April 21, 2005 by Mellon Music Group.

Like the duo, the album is a cultural mish-mash. L’Orange is a producer out of North Carolina inspired by hip-hop, Jazz and Instrumental.

Jeremiah Jae is a rapper and producer from the neighborhood of Jackson Park Highlands in Chicago, who calls his craft “Art Hop”.
Courtney Barnett’s Feisty “Pedestrian At Best”
Be Franklin may have said something about a drop of honey attracting more flies than a gallon of vinegar. Well, I’m afraid we’re all over Courtney Barnett‘s 4 minutes of saucy vinegar. “I think you’re a joke, but I dont’ find you very funny.” Ouch!

This rock number, with some serious guitar work over was released on BandCamp a week ago on the 23rd of April, 2015. It’s also available on SoundCloud.

Courtney will be touring the UK and US, between April and July of 2015.
Mg Gost Releases Full LP “Waking Walk”
Just last week we featured Serbian artist and producer MG Gost’s inspirational hip-hop track called “Dream Chaser.” Well this week, Mr. Gost has released the full on LP called “Waking Walk” filled with the nostalgia of hip-hop past. And, “you know, that’s what’s up!”

Chance Rapper Collabs With R&B Singer in “The Way”
Just 5 hours ago today, April 27, 2015, Chance the Rapper dropped this sultry track on his Facebook. It’s a collaboration with teenage songstress Kelhani. Lyrically, this is 18+, but the flow is beautiful, chill and settling.

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