This sweet-serene boyish angst track from the alternative / pop punk band Christopher Brothers, tinges on the inspirational. In that it encourages one and all, when you need it “ask for help.” And, when you see someone struggling, feel free to help… Now, if I can only live up to my own words.

Meet the Christopher Brothers: Cameron, 18 years old, solid and steady, writes the lyrics and plays drums. Charles, 16 years old, the cool brother (think Daniel Craig’s James Bond), arranges the songs and plays guitar. Ethan, the 13 year old bassist, is the reserved Clark Kent who magically transforms on stage into a legitimate inheritor of the Gloved One’s legacy.

Charles charged into the band world early teaming up with two middle school buddies. He played with considerable enthusiasm but such patchy skills in their view they kicked him out of the band. Big mistake. He informed his mother, Lydia, and she encouraged him to consider working with his brothers, starting with learning “Black Magic Woman.” They mastered it in record time and experienced an “aha moment” when they realized they could build something special and have industrial-strength fun in the process.

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The brothers during the past six years, the junior and senior high school of hard knocks, have grown from gigs at the local grammar school, to Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade, to headlining at the Whisky, the Roxy and Legoland, to winning a national competition playing at Massachusetts Six Flags which launched their inaugural U.S. tour. Recently they released their first full-length CD, “Dog Daze”. Their sound is eclectic, part infectious Top 40, part Lennon-McCartney originality.

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Their EP “Smile” features four brand new songs and a cover of the classic “California Dreamin’.” The infectious melodies of California alternative/pop have never sounded so irresistible with their fun and upbeat take on life and romance from the teen perspective.

For the Brothers, it has been an exciting six years and it’s only just begun.

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