SM Entertainment, home of Girls’ Generation, EXO, and other famous artists, announced last Monday April 4 that their newest boy group NCT U will debut on the weekend.

The group is made up of two units, and one unit each will debut on April 9 and 10 successively, with each unit releasing its own single. NCT U, NCT meaning “Neo Culture Technology“, is more like a brand and will be the first to operate under SM’s new system of managing idols. Several teasers of the members of the first unit were uploaded on the SMTOWN YouTube channel, which are linked further down below.


The group’s lineup is not fixed and has been described as being “free form”, with members expected to leave and rejoin depending on certain factors. The group will also not have any set number of members.

Units of SM’s new boy group will be located in several selected cities all over the world, as the company seeks to realize a more global vision. Rather than being a regular boy band, NCT U is the first and currently only sub-unit under the NCT brand, until newer units and member groupings are formed in the future.

All members of the two current NCT U units will be make an appearance on SM’s Web site and the company’s other media channels. NCT U’s debut announcement this week was preceded by founder Lee Sooman’s sharing his plans with the media and public last January. During the press conference, in addition to the formation of the NCT boy groups, Lee also announced the SM Station music project.

NCT is the next SM boy group after EXO and SM’s next idol group after Red Velvet. NCT U will perform for the first time on the “On Air NCT Show” that will be aired through Naver’s V app on April 9, with labelmate Super Junior’s Heechul acting as MC for the event.
Check out the teaser videos of each member below:
NCT U Mark




NCT U Taeyong


NCT U Jaehyun


NCT U Doyoung


Follow NCT U’s progress on SMTOWN’s social media pages:




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