A new global musician group is born! Nick & Sammy finally released their long-awaited debut single “Baby You Love Me” worldwide on June 22, together with the music video, after much anticipation from music fans around the world.

Check out Nick & Sammy’s new music video for “Baby You Love Me” now:

Nick & Sammy have been described as “new global musicians, discovered pre-debut, at major foreign music festivals such as SXSW“. A new male duo group of K-tune Collective, Nick & Sammy have been making waves in the scene with “Baby You Love Me”, ever since the single dropped on Korean online music stores, like Melon and Mnet, and global music websites like Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play, and Spotify.

“Baby You Love Me” is a funky pop track. Nick & Sammy not only took part in writing the lyrics, but also in composing and producing their very own song. The theme of the single is a man trying to hold on to the love of his girlfriend who wants to break up, expressed with contrast and in a bright and upbeat style. The comfortable and free style of the music video strongly expresses the unique style and talent of Nick & Sammy.

After Nick & Sammy released their debut single, fans reacted positively, with feedback like:

“my HEART is attacked!!<3”

“I actually really enjoyed the funk pop feel, will be following this band”

“What a phenomenon music. Well made a lots!!!”

“So catchy! Can’t get it out of my head! I am a fan!”

Nick from Austin, Texas and Sammy from Adelaide, South Australia make up the team that is Nick & Sammy. The two are highly talented musicians who can play various instruments, write lyrics, compose songs, and produce music. The duo released their own video cover of K.A.R.D’s “Don’t Recall” last April on Soompi. Since then, they’ve gotten love from the more than 160,000 viewers who watched the cover on Facebook.

Nick & Sammy have proven their musical abilities and popularity, garnering more than 250,000 views for their video covers of Winner’s “Really Really” remix, “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran, and “Spring Day” by BTS, on both their official Facebook fan page and YouTube channel.

Nick & Sammy have also performed at North America’s largest music festival, South by Southwest (SXSW), as pre-debut musicians at a special showcase last March. Participating in SXSW as a pre-debut musician is a very rare occasion, proving the industry’s acknowledgement of Nick & Sammy’s musical abilities. With Nick & Sammy receiving lots of positive attention from fans all over the globe for their performance at SXSW, their first ever single is expected to attract even more fans, both at home and abroad.

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