Male duo rookies Nick and Sammy’s New EP Album ‘When you were here’ was released on January 23, 2017.

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Nick and Sammy participated in the making of all the songs on the EP, including the title ‘O.o.O‘. They helped in writing the lyrics, as well as in crafting melodies to the production.

To promote the lead single, they appeared on ‘Show! Champion’, ‘Music Bank’, and ‘Show! Music Core’ with the title song ‘O.o.O’.

The album is composed of songs of various genre: acid pop, slow ballad, and so on. Hyungsuk Kim, highly renowned composer in Korea, is an executive producer in this album, making it filed with anticipation.

The album ‘When you were here’ starts with ‘O.o.O(On or Off)’, speaking as a male who feels that he is near the end with his lover. Then, moves on to ‘Far away’, talking about a male missing his lover, and ‘Run away’, talking about falling in love at first sight. The last song is ‘#valentine’, for lovers celebrating the Valentine’s Day, making the whole album like one whole love story.

Not only Hyungsuk Kim but also many artists participated in Nick&Sammy’s second EP album including: Chunho Ham(a member from ‘poet and village chief’), Gwansik Yoon(a drummer from BTS), Taeyoon Lee(a base player from the first member of Buwhal), and Junjaman(one who mastered the title song)

“In this new album, we tried to show you various songs and tried to do our best to make people sympathize with our love and breakup stories. Beginning with the release of the album, we will be on various music shows and do live performances, so please keep a close eye on us,” said Nick&Sammy.

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