The new Nickelodeon show full of pop-genred songs, ‘Make it Pop’, has been out for a little over a week now. The first episode showed a lot of potential for the new series, and so far the episodes following that one prove to do the same. The show is filled with surprises that keeps you coming back, and sustains your interest in it.

Sun Hi continuesly shows off her confident attitude, and she even wants to try out for the annual beginning of the year play as the lead role. Throughout the episodes this past week the bond between the three girls grow closer and stronger. The lead male is also thrown into the mix by joining the 3 girls, making them a band, and also providing them space to practice. Before finishing he could vision the upcoming group performing one of their songs, “Do It“. He turns his workplace into a teen club which is where the girls will perform. Once finally deciding to form the group, all three girls sing “My Girls” while in their pajamas showing how they’ll stick together no matter what complications may occur.

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The most popular boy in the school begins to show a strong interest in Corki, although having a selfish attitude. He wants the lead roles for himself, and tries to get Corki in on his plan, which would cause a punch in the back towards Sun Hi. It seems at first that Sun Hi will ruin the chance for herself considering she fails at first causing her not to be able to audition. At first she showed a positive attitude towards the test while singing “Make it Right“, but things don’t go as she plans and she has to retake the test. The group gets to practice for the first time on stage singing “Party Tonight”. They even book their first gig at the teen club for a Friday night.

As the show goes on the girls gain haters along with fans. Jodi shows her talent with choreography as they practice dancing to their song “United (Who We Are)” and design clothes. Popular girls in the school try to sabotage the newly debuted band by stealing their dance moves, but of course bad things happen to bad people, and the plan turns into a failure. In fact, Jodi starts a dance off showing who really had the moves by dancing to “Skillz”.  The group successfully had their first performance causing the crowd of school students to get hyped. One of the group members, known for being extremely smart, is too shy to perform with her face showing, so she wears a masquerade mask. Mistakenly thinking the mask would cause her to be hidden in the background, her hidden face grabs the most attention. Not wanting to be known causes, more secrets to form along with more setups for disaster.

Member Jodi seems to be more of the rapper of the group, but each girl has a few lines of their own to spit in certain songs. All of the songs were uptempo and I couldn’t help but to think that maybe some of them were trying to imitate K-pop. It was like an English version of K-pop, but Kidz bop edition. The show isn’t very corny but some of the songs were. It seems they tried to cover the cheesy lyrics with fast beat music, which didn’t work out. Also, if they were trying to mock the dance moves of Kpop stars, that also wasn’t the best idea considering that Korean stars usually train for years to get every skill down pact.

Megan Lee has mentioned before how the show is not about Kpop, and although that seems to be true, a few things make that statement questionable. In the introduction of the show, there are a couple of words in Hagul thrown in there. Also, in the background of Sun Hi’s part of the room Korean posters can be seen. Of course these can just be signs of Sun Hi embracing a part of her Korean culture, but you can’t help to wonder if that’s truly the case.

The show so far is good; it’s like a mixture of “the Cheetah Girls”, ” High School Musical”, and a favorite childhood show that you used to watch. The three girls have a bond like sisters and all have a passion for music, and they are in high school with a lot of musical performances. Make it Pop is a pretty unique show compared to other shows that have been released. It has an interesting plot that really hasn’t been showed on TV before.


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