Star Empire’s girl group Nine Muses are making their first comeback of the year next May. Members Hyemi and Kyungri, while guesting on the radio recording of Choi Hwa Jung’s PowerTime, announced their plans concerning a new album and their return to performing on music shows.


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The two members told listeners that the group is currently recording songs for their upcoming album, and at the rate that they are progressing, May is the time that they will make their comeback. Nine Muses are well-known for their tall height as a girl group and their sexy concepts. Beside the comeback schedule, no information about the concept itself was revealed.




Nine Muses debuted in 2010 under Star Empire, the same company as boy group ZE:A and the long-running but now disbanded girl group Jewelry. The group consistently released new material since debut up to 2013, when they had 4 full comebacks in one year alone, but had no new releases at all in 2014. They changed their lineup by bringing in new members, after a few of the original members ended their contracts and formally left the group. In 2015, they had three comebacks: “Drama” in January, “Hurt Locker” in July, and “Sleepless Night” in November.


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