Girl group I.O.I.’s first sub-unit, I.O.I. Unit, released the teaser for their upcoming music video, “Whatta Man”, today August 4. The full music video, together with the three-track single album, will be released next week on August 9.

“Whatta Man” is a remake and I.O.I.’s very own take on the original song “What a Man”, which was released as a single by Linda Lyndell back in 1968.

A new version of the “What a Man”, re-titled “Whatta Man”, was released as a single later on in 1994 by Salt ‘N’ Pepa, featuring En Vogue. The music videos for both songs are linked below.




Plans for the first I.O.I. sub-unit were announced back in June, and I.O.I. Unit will finally return to represent the full group on the music show stage in the coming weeks. Earlier this week, I.O.I. released a teaser image presenting their upcoming new concept.

I.O.I. Unit is composed of 7 members: JYP Entertainment’s Jeon Somi, Choi Yoojung, Kim Chungha, S&P Entertainment’s Kim Sohye, Kim Doyeon, and Pledis Girlz’ Lim Nayoung and Joo Kyulkyung (Zhou Jieqiong).




I.O.I. debuted as an 11-member group back in May, following the conclusion of Mnet-produced idol reality show “Produce 101”. Under YMC Entertainment, I.O.I. made their debut with the song “Dream Girls”.

I.O.I. recently performed with all 11 members present at the KCON 2016 Los Angeles event last week, from July 29 to 31 at the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center.

This month, the seven members will be promoting as the I.O.I. Unit, and the four other members will be performing with their own groups – gugudan, DIA, and WJSN (Cosmic Girls) – while concurrently members of I.O.I.


Watch the teaser for I.O.I Unit’s upcoming music video for the remake of “Whatta Man” here:

Compare Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s 1994 hit “Whatta Man”:

Check out the original song by Linda Lyndell, her 1968 hit “What a Man”:


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