Oh My Girl are back! On April 3, Oh My Girl revealed their comeback music video for “Coloring Book”, together with their fifth EP sharing the same name.

The “Coloring Book” music video opens up with Oh My Girl in a floating box-like room. The rookie girl group from WM Entertainment and B1A4’s sister group are baking an assortment of sweets and treats, but things shake up a bit. Suddenly, the colors of the rainbow and more explode onto the scene. The members also get their dresses painted, and they get inspired to dance inside, outside, and all over in various very colorful sets.

Oh My Girl’s new music video is like a quirkier larger-than-life take on the fairy tale coloring books, something that a lot of children grow up with, where you color in the characters and the scenes as the story unfolds. This really shines through in the lyrics here, where Oh My Girl sing their own take on the fantasy of fairytale stories, with the exciting feelings that come up when they think of their special someone.

bang bang, the exploding fireworks
bang bang, flower petals everywhere
The world is filled with the color of balsam flowers

It’s a story everyone knows
They lived happily ever after
But don’t stop me yet
Because this is only the beginning

Take me away to the sky that resembles you
Take me away to the sea
Take me away, this strange feeling
It’s so perfect


Watch Oh My Girl’s new “Coloring Book” music video now:

Oh My Girl made their previous comeback last summer, with their collab with reggae duo Skull and Haha. The two released their remake of the classic Korean hit “Listen to My Word (A-ing)”, originally by Papaya. Oh My Girl’s fourth EP, “Listen to My Word”, featured the rookie girl group cover four classic K-pop songs from years past, with a more modern take on the composition.

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