Rookie girl group Oh My Girl just released a new music video for “A-ing”, officially joining the K-pop summer comeback craze. Oh My Girl released their latest video midnight August 1, Korea local time.

Over the past week, the group released several image teasers of the members in the beach and on the colorful seat, as well as a music video teaser.




Oh My Girl’s latest song, “A-ing (Listen to Me)”, is a remake of the song “Listen to Me” by Papaya. Oh My Girl’s remake is the title track of their new album “Summer Special”, and features the reggae duo Skull and HaHa.

Oh My Girl’s latest song is a mix of pop and reggae, and composed by 27 and David Anthony, a producer from the United Kingdom. The album also features three more tracks: “One Summer’s Christmas”, “Je T’Aime”, and “I Can See the Lies Too”.

In the music video for “A-ing”, the members of Oh My Girl transform a swimming pool indoors to a full-fledge beach land, and perform their latest choreography in summer-themed schoolgirl outfits.




Oh My Girl made their last comeback only 3 months ago, last May with the song “Windy Day”, and before that, last March with “Liar Liar”. “Windy Day” was the title track of their third mini album repackage for “Pink Ocean”, and “Liar Liar” was the lead single for the original release.

Oh My Girl will also be holding their first ever solo concert, titled “Summer Fairy Tale”, this month from August 20 to 21 at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, in Itaewon, Yongsan District, Seoul.


Watch Oh My Girl’s latest video for “A-ing” here:


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