There may be many interpretations to the term “secret garden”, as well as many pop culture references, including an ultra-popular k-drama as well as Bruce Springton’s elusive track, none of them may appropriately apply, yet to the ingenue-like group “Oh My Girl.” But, one thing that is apparent, their new single of the same name is filled with fantasy imagery and scenarios that include trips to sunny California, the stars and other delightful places.

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After the contract termination of one of the members occurred late 2017, this is the group’s first comeback as 7 members. And, they’ve worked hard to present a cohesive unit beyond the loss in “Secret Garden.”

With a menagerie of pixie-like vocals in “Secret Garden,” ‘Oh My Girl’ continue to showcase the cutsey-school girl concept they debuted with in 2015. Wearing outfits that underscore this, including a fuschia-pink matching top and tutu-skirt, the girls move to a choreography that is effortless and feminine.

Although, their switch to a black version of the cute pink outfit in the MV, may suggest a desire in the future to transition past their girlish act into womanhood. A similar move made by Girls Generation from “Oh” to “Run Devil Run.

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