Idol group Shinee’s member, Onew and singer-songwriter Lee Jin-Ah released their first duet song “Starry Night” accompanied by a music video today.

“Starry Night” is a jazzy pop song featuring soft piano instrumentals blended in with contrabass sound. Harmony between Onew and Lee Jin-Ah is lovely and it definitely exceeded my expectations! The slow and soothing harmony of the two singers create a sweet lullaby to listen to on a star-filled summer night.

Lee Jin-Ah co-composed “Starry Night” with Andreas Oberg and Simon Petrén. She also took part in writing the lyrics with Antenna Music’s You Hee-Yeol. The songs’ lyrics express longing and love between two people.


The music video features animated illustrations that follow the story told by the song’s lyrics. The background portrays a “starry night” and it shows a woman and a man longing each other and hesitating to call the person they love. Eventually, the two come together and the MV concludes on a happy note.

Close your eyes and enjoy the sweet harmony of Onew and Lee Jin-Ah in “Starry Night.”

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