[OP:ED] ‘San E’ Is The Go To Romantic Rapper?


San E has been on a few couple songs and is starting to look like more of a romantic rapper. He’s been featured on “Sugar and Me” and “A midsummer night’s sweetness” with After School‘s Reina (See our feature here) and “Me You” with 15&‘s Beak Yerin, but he’s been an emotional rapper for quite some time. While his songs aren’t always about love, he does get into some pretty personal and deep topics.

Someone I Know

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Take, for instance, his song “Story of someone I know”, it follows a man speaking to a psychiatrist about someone he knows and the break up he went a few days before. By the end of the song, he’s admitted that the person is him and that his feelings are hurt by the fact that this girl didn’t love him. Emotional right? You should check out the video too, it brings out some of the feelings more with how it’s shot.


Another song by the rapper is “Break Up Dinner”. This song features Sanchez from Phantom and boy is it a tear jerker. The song features our romantic rapper practically begging his ex for a final date. She finally agrees and it turns out to be a breakup dinner (as is the name of the song). The ex-girlfriend is crying in some parts she goes to the bathroom to fix herself and our male lead is generally interested in what she’s doing. At the end of the video, we see the girl come back from the bathroom and sit across from the rapper. She takes a piece of food in her fork and, seemingly a nice gesture, puts it out to feed…Sanchez! At the same restaurant! And then the lyrics that follow are a thank you to the ex and a guarantee that he will forget her now. Sigh…way too sad.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

The final song that speaks to the heart is “Where Did You Sleep” featuring Verbal Jint and Swings. The song follows three men who question the same girl on whether she slept at home or not. It doesn’t resolve the problem but it really does show how some people would want to react when they think they’re being lied to.

Final Thoughts

So, where am I going with this? I’m not sure. San E seems to be the rapper you go to for an empathetic song for all your emotional needs. Being sensitive to one’s feelings and emotions is not seen as a strength, especially for men. But San E moves past stereotypes to tell true stories that some are afraid to tell, or are afraid to tell in full. The best example of this is his most recent song, “Counsellor” where he tackles mental health stigmas and, possibly, his own mental health. Check it out below.

San E is a South Korean rapper, formerly JYP Entertainment‘s first solo rapper and now under Brand New Music. He is one of the most successful mainstream rappers in Korean music.

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