The very definition of the word “oxymoron”, that is with one “r” suggests a contradiction of sorts. In scutinizing the Oxymorrons (with two “R”s), two brothers from Queens NY, D and K.I., performing live at The Paper Box in Brooklyn, reveals a few contradictions ranging from social to musical. In sticking with the musical contradictions, these guys produce a musical marsh-up that can include 80’s funky beats and 90’s style of rapping, creating a retro hip-hop texture. Their alternative style of hip-hop at times meets up with the twenty-first century adding rock-like electronic synths, which can be jarring but certainly agreeable.

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When the Oxymorrons perform it can get very high-octane, to which the guys use the term “raging” to describe it. “Raging”, hardly a word in hip-hop and rap lexicon, is more of the punk-rock terminology. Well, it so turns out that the best creativity usually occurs when cultures clash and boundaries crossed. The Oxymorrons, whether by commission or omission, have certainly tapped into this notion to create something fun and enjoyable.

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K. I., arguably the younger brother who generally adds the melodious vocals, has great expressions of sereneness that makes their song “Padded Sky” that much more profound. These K.I. moments of serenity puts the audience into a tranquil groove. That is, before being jarred awake by the heavy and grundgy rap spits of D, the older brother. The upbeat tempo of their performance at the Paper Box, which at times had the air of a revivalist movement, was wrapped up with the crusade-like “What The World Has Come To”.

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The Oxys have a very talented backline, which consists of just two guys. Aside from the hard-hitting drummer, what’s really fascinating is the DJ/producer/keyboard player all wrapped up into one on stage. This gentleman was responsible for all the cool electronic sounds and rhythms of their live performance.

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For a chance to catch The Oxymorron’s live, visit the tour page of their website