Park Bo Gum is looking fine as ever in his first overseas photoshoot with ‘Elle!’

Park Bo Gum’s first overseas photoshoot with fashion magazine ‘Elle’ took place in Los Angeles, California. The photos were shot in different locations in LA like Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach and Pacific Park.

Park Bo Gum


The actor also had an interview where he talked about his rising popularity worldwide. He was quick to say that acting is his passion and though that he was able to live a character’s life in a story.

For him, enjoying what he loves to do is important and that he reminds himself that fame wouldn’t get to his head.

He also expressed his joy having visited Cebu where he himself went scuba- diving and parasailing in the beautiful island.

Bo Gum will be having his first ever Asia fan meeting tour. The countries he will be isiting soon are Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and China.

Details for his upcoming fanmeet in Jakarta was also recently revealed.


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