‘Park Kyung’ Makes Sultry Album Debut With “When I’m With You”


Park Kyung, member of Block B, has once again graced us with a solo comeback and album debut. “When I’m with you” is a sultry love song about a man who finds it hard to confess his feelings for a woman, but tries to find ways to be around her. Featuring Brother Sue’s warm vocals, the song’s slow to mid-tempo will melt anyone’s heart. Not to mention, the video, which plays on the awkwardness we ave all felt when around a crush and wanting to tell them how we feel. But instead of saying to her, the man just thinks of all these things in hi head.

The video shows that even more through its imagery of Park Kyung‘s brain trying to figure out how to say and do things he thinks will get the woman’s attention. Everything seems like a good idea at first, but he always stops himself in the end. It’s quirky without being silly and Park Kyung singing isn’t something we hear often.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

If you want to see for yourself, here you go:

Member of Block B and TV variety show Problematic MenPark Kyung is a rapper and songwriter with a knack for solving problems. Debuting, first as a duo with Zico, then with the other members of Block B and now as a solo artist, Park Kyung has created quite a name for himself.

You can reach him at these social sites: Twitter Instagram YouTube

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