It’s definitely evident that Pharell’s talents go beyond music. These new kicks, dubbed “Pharell Adidas Tennis Hu“, are a walking testament to that. Overall, it’s been a relatively quiet topic, but don’t let that fool you; hype isn’t everything. With a shoe that clean, there’s bound to be some buzz when it finally drops on May 6th.

If the shoe doesn’t look a bit familiar to you, we’d be surprised. There’s no doubting that Pharrell took some serious influence from the classic Stan Smiths. Why wouldn’t he, though? They’re one of the nicest minimalistic shoes available out there. For those willing to shell out a bit more, these are honestly a beauty.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least tell you what’s worth shelling out for. These new sneakers, as mentioned before, have that sweet Stan Smith silhouette. It’s sleek and a tried-and-true classic. When people are asked to draw a white sneaker, this is practically that drawing. Any outfit would be completed by these shoes. Pharrell knew exactly what he was doing when he designed these.

The green heel tab might be a bit too reminiscent of the Smiths, however. If you’re not a fan, the yellow midsole may be your best bet. It comes with a shiny gold heel tab and an all-white upper as opposed to the green stripes on its counterpart. Speaking of uppers, these are made with that soft malleable mesh material as opposed to the Stan’s hard exterior. This provides for a far lighter load on the feet and a comfier step.

The ankle also seems to have an easy slip-on feature akin to that of the world-renowned Yeezy’s and the midsole seems to have a unique pattern that we haven’t seen before on another shoe. As far as summer shoes go, these are an instant hit.

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