Philipp Kessler’s just pulled the scene way out into space, with his latest single “Pulsar”, ever since it dropped on June 12. Hailing from Switzerland, the producer who’s found his art in ambient and electronic music is back at it again, putting his latest track out there that just oozes wonderful sci-fi vibes.

Listen to Philipp Kessler’s new single “Pulsar” now:

Get Philipp’s “Pulsar” single on Bandcamp here.

Convenient and luxurious space travel might not be accessible for everyone just yet, but a nice chunk of time for a listening session of Phillipp Kessler’s “Pulsar” is a great way to get your imagination going in that direction. Blending his time-tested skill with electronic music and his way of dishing out beats with a synthesizer, Philipp has produced an ambient track that will only smooth out the atmosphere and give the listener a refreshing new appreciation of outer space.

A pulsar is a kind of star that beams radiation far outward, and Philipp just captured how amazing the heavenly body is with “Pulsar”. Listening to the song in its entirety and then some, the track’s just like a pulsar, sending out waves upon waves of out-of-this-world action, aural in lieu of visual, albeit in a shining but very measured pace. One look at Phillipp’s discography on Bandcamp and Soundcloud reveals a fascination for the cosmos that’s been going on for a good long time now, with the wonders of space and beyond being the centerpiece of his music.

Philipp Kessler is a Swiss producer who mixes beats with styles from a wide variety of genres, including Ambient, Ambient Space, Chillout, Relax, Downtempo, and Trance. He’s been named up there alongside artists like Jón Hallur Haraldsson, Jean-Michel Jarre, Massive Attack, and Stellardrone. He’s released two albums: “Orbit to Nowhere” in 2013 (listen on Bandcamp) and “A Light from the Past” in 2016. Check out his discography on Bandcamp here.

Philipp got started with music production back in 2013, learning by experimenting with a keyboard and digital audio workstation. He soon found his passion in ambient space music, where everything felt natural and just flowed. Jón Hallur Haraldsson, producer of the space game EVE Online’s original soundtrack, was a major influence in his art and work.

Philipp talked about the experience he wanted to share with listeners, through his take on ambient space music:

“My music will take you on a trip through outer space. The ambient sound is there for you to relax and creates an atmosphere to forget about the everyday woes. The never ending fascination for the universe is the driver behind my music.”

Phillipp took charge in all aspects of production for his latest single “Pulsar”: from playing the keyboard and the synthesizer, to the composing, mixing, and mastering of the final track.

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