With the tease of Kendrick’s single, HUMBLE., and the full album, comes the inevitability of other rappers jumping on TDE’s incredible production. Mad Squablz, from the Philly area, decided to take on the hard-hitting beat behind HUMBLE.

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Mad Squablz and his unique drill flow complement TDE’s incredibly heavy beat. The nuances of his voice, combined with that lumbering back beat, synergize in a way that just gets your head noddin’. The beat breaks, leaving Squablz to spit as he pleases, and he absolutely murders his solos. However, it’s not a perfect remix. While the drill-style rap works perfectly with HUMBLE.’s beat, there’s a significant lack of “replayability” within the song. It’s not always necessary, but a catchy hook always provides space for the listener to groove and this remix doesn’t have that element to it. It’s two minutes of verse, after verse, with Squablz spitting relentlessly on the mic. There’s a reason artists use hooks; it keeps the listener “in” and, no pun intended, hooked. That being said, Mad Squablz’s style does not cease to impress us in his wordplay and delivery. It’s worth a listen.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Mad Squablz is a passionate up-and-comer in the city’s hip-hop scene. His drill style is evident throughout his projects and is featured on a varied style of beats. From HUMBLE.’s trap-influenced style to his latest EP, “The Art of Boom Bap”, he can spit over almost any track.

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Update From Mad Squablz’s Management:

“But, the one-take remixes he does are intended to be a quick verse to display his prowess as an emcee…These are intended to grab listeners and build fan-base”

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